• Cover art by Chidiebere Ibe

    Pediatric Neurosurgery
    Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022)

    Addressing the disparities in Global Pediatric Neurosurgical Care and improving pediatric Neurosurgery Capacity at the Health System level in LMICs is essential. This second issue of JGNS is focused on Pediatric Neurosurgery. It is dedicated to Professor William Harkness: a caring clinician, gifted surgeon, visionary leader, and an outstanding Global Pediatric Neurosurgeon who passed away in 2021, leaving an indelible impression on Neurosurgery.

    This issue contains articles that would lead to the improvement of Pediatric Neurosurgical Care and research to inform the path to strengthening the pediatric neurosurgical system as a component of the overall health system. Research related to public health approaches, such as the prevention of pediatric neurosurgical conditions, is also contained herein.

    We look forward to your feedback via letters and commentaries.


    Kee B. Park MD, MPH



    Ignatius Esene MD, Ph.D., MPH

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief


  • Implementation of the Global Neurosurgery Action Plan
    Vol. 3 No. 1 (2023)

    The Global Neurosurgery Action Plan from the Global Neurosurgery Committee from the World Federation Of Neurosurgical Societies aims to improve access to safe, affordable and timely neurosurgical care worldwide. This journal issue will focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with its adoption in hopes to promote discussion and collaboration among stakeholders in the field of neurosurgery and to provide guidance for policymakers, clinicians, and researchers on how build neurosurgical capacity, especially in LMICs.