Report of the WFNS Global Relations Committee

WFNS Global Relations Committee


  • Frederick Boop St Jude Global Program
  • Nathan A. Shlobin Department of Neurological Surgery, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA



Thank you for the opportunity to serve on this committee.  It appears the WFNS has assembled an all-star cast of neurosurgeons interested in Global Neurosurgery.  I am honored to serve as External Relations Lead.  Listed below are a few examples of projects the group is working on that fit with your deliverables (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based).  I look forward to learning of other initiatives from the group as we develop synergies moving forward.


  • It was noted that both the WFNS and the ISPN have Education Committees who produce educational courses either virtually or in person in various LMICs several times per year. I have spoken to President Oyesiku and Kenon Arnautovic, the Chair of Chairs, suggesting that rather than having two parallel processes performing the same task, that we consolidate these committees and have the ISPN serve as the Pediatric Neurosurgery Education Committee for the WFNS hence forth.  Typically, in the past, the Committee chairs have been ISPN members.  Both Nelson and Kenon have voiced agreement to that arrangement.  Since the ISPN is already an international society with 530 members from around the globe, this should be acceptable without the ISPN having to “join” the WFNS.  The agreement was that if any course produced a financial profit, those monies would be divided equally between the WFNS and the ISPN.  To date, the ISPN has underwritten the costs of plane tickets for the speakers at these meetings, although the courses have all been virtual since the COVID pandemic.  The local hosts have covered the costs of hotel, meals, etc. once the speakers are on location.  To date I am not aware of any of these courses that have generated a financial profit.  Obviously, the marketing and presentations at these teaching courses would be co-branded.