The Role of WFNS in Global Neurosurgery


  • Franco Servadei
  • Delia Cannizzaro
  • Adrian Safa



The best definition that I have found about Global Neurosurgery is: “The clinical and public health practice of neurosurgery with the primary purpose of ensuring timely, safe, and affordable neurosurgical care to all who need it” 1.

A recent review publications found more than 270 papers related to Global neurosurgery up to 2019, with almost all of them published after 2015 2. Among the 50 most cited papers in Global neurosurgery 38 are published after 2018 3.

If we look at conference and Meetings, as compared to zero in 2015, in the following years a mean of 5 International Meetings contained specific sessions on global Neurosurgery 4.

The issue of equity in neurosurgery became important and the WFNS led this process with the vast majority of papers being published by WFNS officers.